This sermon was recorded on Sunday, May 31, 2020. Our nation is experiencing a chaos and dysfunction directly related to morality being shrouded behind the works of flesh and evil. The church must wake up, and Christians must understand the importance of unity and fellowship with the body of believers so that the message of Christ may be most effective in moments exactly like these. A body that is not unified is not a body at all. Therefore, Pastor Tim brooks has developed his sermon, “Why Go To Church,” in order that the commands of scripture to join hand in hand in physical fellowship with other believers may be at the forefront of our minds, waking us up to the importance of a unified body in a world that so desperately needs a city on a hill and a symbol of hope. We hope this message inspires and encourages you.

This Sermon is a recording of our livestream service. During this phase one reopening, you can watch the live stream on YouTube or Facebook if you are one of those not yet comfortable with attending in person.