All of us face challenges, difficulties and small tests on a daily basis. These are very common to us all. But there are times in life, when out of left field, you are hit by a traumatic, life-altering event. In part one of this two-part series, Pastor Paul Kern shares from his family’s own personal traumatic experience the desperate place they found themselves in when they lost their oldest son to a debilitating disease. The Bible shares many stories of God’s people facing huge obstacles that challenged their very trust in God; Abraham with his son Isaac, Noah and the flood, Moses in the wilderness, Joseph in the pit, Paul and his imprisonments and even Jesus on the cross.
The fact is, there are events in life that are entirely unfair and make absolutely no sense, but Paul encourages believers to not confuse God and life. In this message you will be challenged to trust God even when life seems to be crumbling all around you. Be encouraged as Paul shares from his family’s own encounter with a Desperate Place in part two of this series.