Audio Podcast

Obedience Is The Key

Pastor Paul Kern teaches us on the importance of hearing and obeying the voice of God in your life.

James Part 5

In this series, Pastor Josh Barnett delivered the 5th part of our James series!

Now Do Right

In this week’s podcast, Pastor Tim presents a powerful sermon on taking responsibility! We hope this message uplifts your spirit for the coming week! 

James Part 4

In this series, Pastor Paul Kern delivered the 4th part of our James series!

Navigating Life

This weeks sermon, Tim Brooks guides us through the art of forgiveness, and the importance of laying our burdens at the cross. We hope you enjoy this encouraging message!

James Part 3

This Wednesday, Pastor Tim Brooks delivered the 3rd part of our James series!

Creating A Place – A Place Where God Dwells

As we march further into 2020, Josh Barnett delivers a moving message on the power of intentionally creating a place for the Lord to dwell in your life.

James Part 2

This week, CMYouth Pastor Josh Barnett, takes us through the second part of our James series. Please join in listening to James 1:13-18 where we learn how to battle temptation!

Oasis – Creating A Life To Thrive

Pastor Paul Kern takes us through John 5, as he teaches us the importance of having the right attitude and steadfast faith when waiting on God’s Promises.

James Part 1

Presenting our mid-week sermon, pastor Paul Kern guides us through the second part of our James series! We hope you are encouraged and strengthened while listening!