Month: July 2016

Looking Back, Looking Forward

In this inspiring message Pastor Tim Brooks uses an illustration drawn from past construction of phase 1 of the church sanctuary that was built in 2011 and the current and future construction of phase 2. Tim shares how important it is to remember past victories and the ways God delivered us from difficulty, but he emphasizes that we must keep our eyes on the future and moving forward. You will be encouraged by this challenging and inspirational message.


In this message Pastor Tim Brooks shares with us God’s plan for producing growth in our lives. In Matthew 15 it reveals that God is looking for people who are producing fruit. When God finds people who are producing fruit, this pleases Him and therefore He prunes them so they can produce even more fruit. Pruning can be painful, but it brings with it favor and blessings. Sometimes it may feel as if the difficult thing you are going through is a negative situation, but in reality, it could mean you are being pruned. Listen to this insightful and encouraging message.

What Is Said About You?

In this thought provoking message Pastor Tim Brooks ask the question, “what do people say about you when you leave their presence?” We have the ability to influence what is said about us by how we live. Walking in integrity, telling the truth, being on time, treating people fairly, and showing mercy¬†are just a few of the things that Tim says we all must have in our lives to be spoken well of by others. This message will inspire and challenge you to live out the Bible in your everyday life.


In this message Pastor Tim Brooks warns believers about the dangerous trap of resentment. Feelings of anger, bitterness, offense and hatred have caused many people to become stuck in their Christian life and are no longer moving forward. Tim encourages believers to live free and to possess a spirit of love and forgiveness. You will be encouraged and empowered by this message.

He is Mighty to Save

In this encouraging message Pastor Tim Brooks shares about the amazing power of God to save a life. We have all experienced God’s saving power and in this message Tim reminds believers of all God has done for them, all He is doing, and all that He is yet to do. Don’t miss this powerful message of encouragement and faith!


Guilt is a universal problem¬†for all believers. In this message Pastor Tim Brooks discusses the enemy’s strategy for trapping believers in guilt. Pastor Tim also warns believers how to avoid temptation and the snare of the enemy. Don’t miss this inspiring and revealing message.

Celebrating America

In this inspiring and thought provoking message Associate Pastor David Pate reveals the strong Christian roots of our nation’s founding fathers and shows the divine providence of God in the formation of our great country. You will be inspired and educated by this powerful message.